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Extraordinary Ones: Arthur Hero Guide

Arthur is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in being an Attack Damage Carry for his team, using his marksman range and attack speed to apply heavy sustained damage for his team in the later phases of the game.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Arthur below, and see how strong he and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Arthur Abilities

Arthur: Tips & Tricks

As one of the first AD Carry heroes available to new players in Extraordinary Ones, Arthur provides a well-rounded, but basic kit that’s easy to utilize and can teach a player the foundational steps of performing well as an ADC. His role as a marksman requires him to farm up in the early game, playing safely and avoiding death and confrontation. Once he has leveled up and has gotten a few items, Arthur will be able to join his team and provide heavy sustained damage via his normal attacks.

As a marksman, Arthur excels at single-target damage via his normal attacks, but his abilities enhance his attacks and allow him to offer his team multiple target damage as well. This, paired with his Star Shine passive allows him to rapidly accumulate stacks on enemies in team fights that can quickly be converted to True Damage, scaling with how much health the enemies have lost. This helps Arthur quickly eliminate targets, especially in the later stages of the game.

Because of his high damage output potential, Arthur lacks mobility and durability, making him a prime target for burst mages and mobile assassins to jump on. It is important for Arthur to stay as far away from enemies as possible while still inflicting damage, moving back as he attacks them to kite damage. Stay in the back lines, letting your tanks and fighters shrug off as much enemy damage as possible while they allow you to safely damage enemies.

Arthur’s Star Stream ability allows him to split his normal attacks to up to three targets for five seconds. While secondary arrow damage does diminish, Arthur’s passive will still stack, allowing him to hit multiple targets at once. Aim to get five stacks on three targets, tearing through the enemy front lines with your True Damage.

Star Fall is Arthur’s only form of self-peel, and it can help him reposition and avoid death when used properly. While the move does call down stars to bombard enemies, do not use it aggressively. As the AD Carry, Arthur is the enemy team’s top priority to kill, and he will have no escape if crowd controlled. The ability to cleanse himself of the crowd control and boost his movement speed may just be his only way of escaping when cornered. You’ll want to have this ability ready to use at all times.

Arthur has a powerful sniping ability for his ultimate, Brilliant Star. With infinite range, this arrow gains damage the longer it travels, allowing Arthur to make powerful plays from anywhere on the map. Look out for intense fights that are happening elsewhere on the map, and aim Brilliant Star to send in help for your allies if you won’t be able to make it in time.

Brilliant Star applies full stacks of Star Shine to enemies hit, allowing Arthur to not only send in heavy damage with the arrow, but follow it up with even more area damage once the star shards explode. While Arthur should ideally stick with his team and push together rather than ever being alone, Brilliant Star offers him great power and potential to catch enemies that are fleeing or to bring some damage to a team fight that may be occurring while he is at the base or respawning.

Arthur is a basic AD Carry that works to teach the fundamentals of playing the role. Rather than having to focus heavily on skill shots that other characters may require, focus on proper positioning, kiting enemies out, and offering your team sustained damage through your superior range. Plow through enemies with your powerful stacks of True Damage, and even if they get away, send that Brilliant Star arrow to snipe them before they ever get the chance to recall to base!


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