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Extraordinary Ones: Mercy Hero Guide

Mercy is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in supporting allies with powerful healing for allies and stuns for enemies. Mercy’s passive allows her to get to injured allies more quickly, helping her to keep the team sustained across the map.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Mercy below, and see how strong Mercy and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Mercy Abilities

Mercy: Tips & Tricks

Mercy is a support hero focused on running around healing and aiding her allies. (No wonder she looks so tired!) Her ability to heal her allies and stun enemies brings great utility to her team. With Mercy backing up her allies, her team should be able to sustain itself through difficult fights, shrugging off damage with Mercy providing them damage reduction and regeneration.

Mercy’s first two abilities offer her nice harass and sustain for her allies, useful in both the early laning phase and team fighting stages of the game. Random Palm is a powerful crowd control move that provides a nice stun. Use it to harass and zone enemies from minion waves and experience early, and in team fights try to use it to lock down important allies and prevent them from using skills and attacks for a short time.

Random Palm utilizes Mercy’s passive for its stun, meaning you can delay when the enemy receives the stun (intentionally or not.) The closer the enemy is to the outer edge of the Random Palm, the more quickly they will be stunned as it returns to Mercy. If they are closer, the palm will go its full distance, and stun them when it hits them on the return. Keep this in mind and play around it carefully.

As a delicate support hero with limited mobility, Random Palm does offer Mercy some self peel with its stun that can help buy her some time to escape. Use Random Palm aggressively when you’re with allies who can back you up, but try to make sure it is ready to use if roaming or traveling alone in case you get ambushed and need to run and get backup.

All Hail Buddha allows Mercy to offer some single target sustain to her lane partner early as well as offering some bouncing damage in team fights. The skill can be used on allies as well as minions and can be used strategically to manipulate minion waves. If you need the wave to push out (for example, it’s crashing into your tower) using All Hail Buddha on a minion can restore its health and enable your minions to outlive enemy minions, pushing forward and resetting the wave closer to the center of the lane.

Primarily though, All Hail Buddha should be used to keep allies alive, especially in the thick of brawls and team fights. The bouncing damage it provides as it paths to Mercy and the chosen ally keeps them topped up and whittles down enemies, offering great value.

While All Hail Buddha does allow Mercy to sustain an ally, it works best in brief duels. Her ultimate ability, Lotus Shine, is a game changer in team fights that can turn around losing fights and buff and sustain the team long enough to win.

Mercy’s Lotus will follow her as she moves, perfect for running around an area where multiple groups are fighting with Mercy’s movement speed boost passive. It provides an instant health boost to an ally and then offers sustained healing for a few seconds.

While brief, it is powerful and can easily help negate some of the burst damage that your front line will face. If used defensively, the damage reduction it offers when Awakened can even help squishy allies like the AD Carry and AP Mage survive burst damage from assassins and other high damage characters.

After unlocking Mercy’s ultimate, don’t be afraid to use it, especially when allies are losing health and could secure a kill if they just had a little longer to live. Try not to waste Lotus Shine on clearly lost fights or ones where Mercy and her allies would die regardless of whether they were healed (ie. picking a fight out of position, turret diving, etc.)

For Mercy to truly support her allies, it’s important that they support and protect her in return. Her powerful stuns and healing only work when she is alive. Always stick with allies, keeping each other safe. Don’t go off on your own — enemies will easily be able to kill you if you’re isolated, and you won’t get much value out of your heals and stuns if no one is around to capitalize on them!


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