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Extraordinary Ones: Ginny Hero Guide

Ginny is an easy to wield fighter hero, one that specializes in dealing Physical Damage to enemies and leading the charge for his team, initiating fights and securing picks on high priority targets with his scorching fire damage.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Ginny below, and see how strong he and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Ginny Abilities

Ginny: Tips & Tricks

As a fighter hero, Ginny will be able to dish out damage as well as take it. With that said, he won’t be as durable as a tank nor have the damage of an AD Carry, making it important for Ginny to initiate with his teammates backing him up.

Ginny has a versatile kit that allows for scaling into later stages of the game. He lacks a hard form of crowd control and has limited mobility that requires him to lock onto a target. This gives Ginny limited escape options and makes him particularly susceptible to enemy crowd control, meaning he needs to time his engages smartly to avoid being locked down and killed.

In the early game, Ginny needs to know his lane opponent’s weaknesses and look to exploit them when possible. Ginny gains considerable power when unlocking his ultimate ability, Crimson Fire. Look to make plays when the ability is available, gaining stacks that will permanently increase the move’s damage. This will allow Ginny to become even more of a monster as the game progresses, allowing him to eliminate high priority targets across the map more easily.

When teams begin grouping together for team fights, Ginny can help his team secure wins by choosing high priority enemies to engage upon, locking onto them with his Fist of Flame and proceeding to use Crimson Fire to execute them.

When initiating for your team, it is important to get the most value out of your abilities and deny the enemy team as much value out of theirs as possible. Try to monitor the enemy cooldowns, especially of their crowd control moves that can put lock Ginny down and stop him from getting his damage off.

If your team is playing defensively, don’t be afraid to peel for your teammates, especially the AD Carry or AP Mage. Saving your Crimson Fire to use on an assassin who jumps on them can enable your teammates to survive long enough to output damage in team fights that help lead to secured objectives.

While using Fist of Flame to get close to a high priority target is nice in theory, it may not always be easily achievable. When initiating team fights with your allies as Ginny, don’t be afraid to use Fist of Flame on the enemy front line as well. When teams are particularly grouped up, even using Crimson Fire on a high health tank can be smart — the ultimate ability’s damage scales with the target’s maximum health and has splash damage. Choosing a beefy tank could do insane area damage to the squishy targets he is protecting!

Fire Storm is a great ability for Ginny to use when initiating team fights and needing to cause a ruckus for the enemy team. Fire Storm grants Ginny damage over time that scales with enemy health as well as a slow. This enables Ginny to whittle opponents down before executing them and also allows his allies to follow up on slowed and weakened enemies.

Combining Ginny’s skills is crucial before going in for the kill. Stacking Ginny’s passive Scorch enables him to reduce enemy armor by up to 25%, helping him to shred tanks and AD Carry alike!

When playing with allies who are suited for poking and slowly draining enemies, look to stack Scorch  first before initiating with Fist of Flame and Fire Storm. If your team would rather start fights quickly rather than be poked down, don’t be afraid to initiate, allowing Ginny’s moves to Scorch enemies and reduce their armor as he and his allies quickly act to take advantage of weakened enemies.


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