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Extraordinary Ones: Sandy Hero Guide

Sandy is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in bringing Spell Damage and crowd control to her team. She uses her job as a maid to shoot cleaning spheres at enemies and knocking them back.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Sandy below, and see how strong she and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Sandy Abilities

Sandy: Tips & Tricks

As an AP Mage, Sandy offers her team a mix of damage and crowd control, but has limited survivability and mobility. This means it’s important for her to position herself well, maximizing her ability to deal damage without taking it.

In the early game, Sandy should patrol her lane and keep the middle turret safe. Her mix of crowd control and damage can help Sandy set up ganks when her jungler is around, helping secure kills and make progress on taking down the enemy’s middle tower, opening up the map for her allies.

When team fighting begins, Sandy should keep an eye on and protect the mid tower if it is still up, denying enemies as much progress on it as possible. When the wave has pushed away and is not crashing near the middle towers, Sandy can them roam and help allies around the map. In team fights, she needs to stay away from enemies, using her crowd control to safely damage them.

Cleaning Ball allows Sandy some sustained hazard damage and poke. She can use this in the laning phase to annoy and harass enemies as they come up for minion gold and experience. In team fights, Sandy can get extra damage off with the cleaning balls and make it dangerous for the enemy back line to step forward and damage her and her allies.

With Summon Frog, Sandy wields a powerful crowd control that needs aimed carefully and predictively. Because of the delay while casting, enemies can easily dodge the frog if Sandy doesn’t aim it properly. Try to summon the frog where enemies will be running in order to land it.

The knock back Summon Frog provides is Sandy’s only means of protection if she is alone. Try to save it during laning in case of an enemy ambush or assassin prowling around. Sandy can cast the Frog down upon her if an enemy gets too close, forcing them off of her and (hopefully) helping her make it to safety.

Summon Frog can be cast in team fights to disrupt and cast enemies out of position. Use it to protect yourself and allies and keep enemies from properly engaging on your team.

With Sandy’s ultimate ability, Purifying Sphere, she adds extra damage in a wide range around her that will target enemies she is harassing and controlling. The large radius of the circling spheres around her can be enough to discourage enemies from coming in range, and it can make escape when chasing down a target next to impossible. Use Purifying Sphere to boost Sandy’s damage, especially in team fights when the enemy team’s mage may have more burst potential (but less crowd control.)

As a crowd-control heavy AP Mage, remember to protect the middle lane and assist allies around the map when possible. Siege objectives with your teammates and work together to take down the enemy base!


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