Spidy Guide

Extraordinary Ones: Spidy Hero Guide

Spidy is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in AP damage and crowd control. She utilizes her spider minions to attack, stun and slow enemies, while also giving herself periodic damage reduction and crowd control immunity.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Spidy below, and see how strong she and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Spidy Abilities

Spidy: Tips & Tricks

As a mage, Spidy specializes in using her range advantage and spells to deal magic damage to enemies. Using her webs and spiderlings, she can effectively burst down key targets and swing the tide of battle in her team’s favor. She can use her crowd control abilities and magic damage to control the team’s mid-lane, harassing her lane opponent and setting up ganks for her jungler.

Because of her position in the middle lane and his relatively low mobility, Spidy can be vulnerable to ganks herself if she is out of position and overextended. It’s important to only push the lane when you know where the enemy team is or you have the ability to get out alive.

If Spidy finds herself against a lane opponent who is hard for her to lock down and kill, try to shove in minion waves to the enemy’s turret and roam with your jungler to side lanes, giving your team a number’s advantage and forcing fights. Your lane opponent will either have to stay and farm the minions for gold and experience or follow you, missing out on the aforementioned gold and XP, falling behind while trying to help their allies.

With that said, pushing the lane of creeps into the turret can also put Spidy out of position and give her few ways to escape. Try to track the enemy jungler and keep tabs on both your lane opponent and the rest of the enemy team when going to take down your tower to avoid dying unnecessarily.

Don’t be afraid to rally your allies if sieging your tower is advantageous; taking down the middle tower first opens up a lot of the map and the enemy jungle, giving your team easier access to push other lanes and objectives as well. That’s why it’s also very important to defend your outer mid tower, too!

Spidy uses her stored Sacrificing Spiders to pump out the brunt of her damage. She’s able to store four spiders, making it important for her to reach max spiders when committing to important team fights. Spiders restore over time or when enemy units die nearby, so don’t be afraid to communicate with your allies that you need a bit of time before being able to effectively burst down enemies. It’s smarter to wait to engage (especially when your team is the one pushing and aggressing) so that you can get off more damage and secure kills more easily.

Explosive Web can be used to give your team the upper hand when starting fights or to protect yourself when deciding to flee and defend. Try to ensure that the web lands and stuns enemies, allowing you to follow up with Spidy’s ultimate and spiders for high burst damage.

Web Trap allows Spidy to place a hazard zone in the fight, one that her spiderlings thrive in. The Web trap damages enemies in it and also buffs the Sacrificing Spiders damage considerably. Try to use this on stunned enemies, forcing them to take more damage while stuck in the web and slowing them, making it even harder for them to escape.

While it’s important for Spidy to protect the mid-lane, she can also help allies across the map, especially after getting the enemy’s outer mid turret. Remember that as a mage, Spidy can team fight with her team while staying in the back lines and using her crowd control and burst damage to eliminate high priority targets. Try to lock down and take out the enemy mage or AD Carry for the most value.

Spidy’s mix of hard stuns and slows make her an important threat to enemies. Be careful of smart enemies who will try to bait out Spidy’s abilities. A missed stun can lead to her death if she’s cornered. Her high damage output comes with limited mobility, making positioning and cooldown management important. Communicate with your team and position wisely, avoiding enemy damage and landing your own to win team fights and secure objectives for your team.


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