Plum Guide

Extraordinary Ones: Plum Hero Guide

Plum is a tank hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in restoring his health, buffing his armor and controlling enemies in the thick of battle.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Plum below, and see how strong he and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Plum Abilities

Plum: Tips & Tricks

Plum’s regeneration and crowd control ultimate give him great flexibility in game, allowing him to not need to frequently recall to base, meaning he can virtually always be ready when his team needs him.

As a tank, Plum can initiate fights for his team and control enemies, making it easier for his less durable allies to get off damage safely while he gets into the thick of the brawl and shrugs off enemy fire. 

Because of his strong ability to take hits and regenerate out of combat, in the early game it’s important for Plum to avoid dying, steadily chunking his opponents down and leaving combat to restore his health, granting him an advantage over them. Doing this well enough can force opponents to recall, allowing Plum to regenerate even more of his health while also soaking up experience and gold from minion waves that his lane opponent is missing.

While Plum can tank damage easily, he’s not as well equipped at dishing it out, making it important for him to work with his teammates when team fights start occurring. Plum is well equipped to lead his team in battle, but you’ll need to have the awareness to pick fights that are in good positions for yourself and your allies.

Work with your team to group up and fight for objectives like towers (or jungle mobs like the Toad.) Keep an eye on ally positions as well as their health bars to make sure everyone is ready to engage with you. Then, lead them to victory!

Hammer Smash gives Plum some nice mobility that can initiate fights as he leaps down on a target, slowing heroes and reducing their attack speed — perfect for neutering enemy AD Carries. 

When in the thick of the fight, Plum’s Water Barrier gives him the power to annoy enemies and bolster his own defenses. Use this when engaging with your AD Carry to freeze and control enemies and stack your own armor up. Try to work with your allies to get stacks up and freeze enemy carries quickly; paired with Hammer Smash’s attack speed reduction, Plum’s crowd control freeze can severely limit enemy damage per second capabilities.

Plum’s ultimate ability, Bursting Water, can allow him to peel for allies, disengage, or knock back enemy front liners, allowing his allies to more easily engage on the back lines. After a brief delay, Plum unleashes the dragon and knocks back enemies along a short path. 

Bursting Water will start to feel more powerful after awakened, doubling its distance. With reasonably short range on all of his moves, Plum is designed to get up close and personal with his enemies, but the Awakened Bursting Water will provide him with a better way to control and knock back enemies, especially useful for protecting his teammates when assassins or other dangerous enemies get too close! Keep an eye on what is going on and don’t lose focus even when leading the charge, and always try to keep your allies safe.

By protecting your allies and controlling your enemies, Plum can be a regenerating nuisance that is always readily available to help his allies take down objectives. Use your rapidly regenerating health to always be available when allies need protecting, especially when they’re preparing to go for turrets and other important objectives, thereby securing a win over the enemy base!


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