Hadenna Guide

Extraordinary Ones: Hadenna Hero Guide

Hadenna is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in tanking damage and starting fights, leading her allies to victory. Hadenna uses longer range than most melee heroes, with her soul spirit wielding a scythe to attack and hook enemies that she chooses.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Hadenna below, and see how strong she and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Hadenna Abilities

Hadenna: Tips & Tricks

Hadenna is a hero that enjoys bullying and displacing her enemies, pulling them to her, smacking them around with her scythe, and healing up the damage they throw at her with her ultimate ability. All of these factors make her a great tank, capable of holding her own during the early game and thriving in team fights where she can draw attention off of her less durable teammates.

In the early phases of the game, Hadenna can dominate her lane, abusing her extended range against most melee matchups she will face. Poke at and harass enemies away from the minion wave, forcing them to lose valuable experience and gold in the process.

Hadenna should seek to turn her early advantages into victories across the map for her team. Work with your allies and your jungler to secure objectives like the Toad, helping to push your lane and take towers early. Then, roam the map and other lanes to help your allies, continuing to steamroll the enemy in the process.

Hadenna’s abilities flow naturally to help her engage both while fighting her opponent in lane and in team fights. Soul Slash allows her to have some mobility, allowing her to quickly engage and disrupt the enemy team or pursue enemies as they flee. The hook displacement the move offers also allows Hadenna to take potentially high priority targets out of position, making it even easier for her allies that have high damage output to take them out.

Ruthless Vortex gives Hadenna nice area-of-effect damage that can really boost her damage output when team fighting and hitting multiple enemies at once.

Because both Soul Slash and Ruthless Vortex apply Hadenna’s Soul Shock effect on enemies, she can use this to her advantage in team fights with her ultimate ability, Soul Harvest, giving her even further healing according to how many enemies she can mark. Aim to engage with your allies, charging into the fight and disrupting the enemy team, activating Soul Harvest and healing up the heavy damage they throw at you to try and stop you.

When Awakened, Hadenna’s Soul Harvest has a minor eight second cooldown, allowing her to be one of the strongest team fighters, capable of sustaining herself at every turn. Work with your allies to constantly pressure enemies around the map, using Soul Harvest whenever necessary for added sustain. Translate your team fight victories into objectives for your team, allowing for easily secured turrets and jungle mobs that will secure the win!


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