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Extraordinary Ones: Taurell Hero Guide

Taurell is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in being a ranged carry (ADC), getting stronger as the match goes on and using his Normal Attacks to deal the majority of his damage. His abilities help amplify his Normal Attacks and give him some safety via a knockback to help him stay at optimal distance.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Taurell below, and see how strong he and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Taurell Abilities

Instant Boom

Every third normal attack deals two hits of Physical Damage, and every fourth normal attack deals additional explosion damage equal to 6% of the target’s Max HP, increasing 1% for every 100 Extra Physical Attack Taurell gains. Taurell also gets a 40% acceleration effect, diminishing over one second. This attack can also trigger attack effects.

Ammo Storm

After activating, increases Attack Speed by 30-50% for five seconds. After casing a skill, the next Normal Attack resets all stacks of Instant Boom and triggers the effect immediately.

Homing Missile

Taurell takes out three lighters and throws them at the target. Two missiles strike the lighter’s position after a short delay. Enemies hit increase Taurell’s Physical Penetration by 25%, with each missile dealing Physical Damage.

If the multiple missiles hit the same target, the second missile and subsequent missiles only deal 20% damage. Each lighter, if hit, slows enemies by 20% up to 60% for 1.5 seconds.

Ammo Knockback

Taurell takes out his H.E. Rifle to attack enemies in front, dealing Physical Damage and knocking them back, triggering his Passive Damage once.

He is also pushed back a small distance due to the recoil. During the pushback, he cannot be targeted.

Awakened: Taurell’s ultimate pushes enemies back further.

Taurell: Tips & Tricks

As an ADC hero, it is important for Taurell to farm creep waves and resource efficiently to obtain gold and hit his power spikes before the enemy ADC hero.

ADC heroes like Taurell are very weak in the early game and have low mobility. This makes Taurell a prime target for an enemy jungler assassin. Play safe in the early game and avoid feeding the enemy team kills. Once Taurell obtains his ultimate ability, he has a bit of self-peel through it, allowing him to knock back enemies and propel himself in the opposite direction to safety. 

Taurell’s primary goal is to help his team in the later stages of gameplay, when his Normal Attacks will be dealing hefty damage thanks to Physical Attack items he buys. Combining these with his Instant Boom passive that scales off of enemy’s total health can make Taurell a very potent threat to the enemy team, capable of shredding them quickly with his high damage and high attack speed.

Ammo Storm allows Taurell to boost his attack speed, helping him to proc his passive even more quickly. Use this in tense fights to proc Instant Boom and shred through enemy health bars. 

Homing Missile offers Taurell some nice ranged poke with the added benefit of rewarding him with increased Physical Penetration for hitting enemies. This is perfect for an ADC hero, allowing Taurell to safely stay in the backlines of team fights and hit the enemy front line. The Physical Penetration will nullify enemy armor — which front-lining tanks are likely to have built.

Use Homing Missiles when a team fight is beginning to brew, and follow it up with Ammo Storm to quickly proc your passive on the enemies with your boosted Physical Penetration. 

Taurell’s ultimate ability, Ammo Knockback helps prevent misplays and allows Taurell to reposition both himself and the enemies. Use it to stay alive and deny enemies from getting too close, allowing Taurell to use his long range against them. As the ADC, Taurell’s job is to provide his team with heavy, sustained damage. Because of this, he is relatively easy to kill himself, making Ammo Knockback and its ability to save his life all the more important.


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