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Extraordinary Ones: Osgood Hero Guide

Osgood is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in being a ranged carry (ADC), getting stronger as the match goes on and using his Normal Attacks to deal the majority of his damage. Osgood utilizes his status as a mad scientist to boost his attack and inflict poison on his enemies.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Osgood below, and see how strong Osgood and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Osgood Abilities

Mad Scientist

Osgood utilizes science and venom. His normal attacks only enjoy 80% of bonus Physical Attack, but every minion/jungle mob killed (and every assist) grants him a stack of Mad Scientist. Heroes killed grant 5 stacks.

Each stack increases his Attack by 2 and Attack Speed by 1%, up to 10 stacks. If he dies, he loses half of his stacks.

Leveling up Osgood’s ultimate ability, Hydra Frenzy, increases the amount of Mad Scientist stacks Osgood can have, up to a max of 30 stacks.

Deadly Venom

Passive: Osgood’s normal attacks inflict poison on enemies, up to 6 stacks.

Active: Osgood detonates the venom on poisoned enemies, immediately dealing Physical Damage. Each stack of poison deals additional damage. If the explosion happens after enemies have taken six stacks of poison, they suffer heavy damage and take extra damage equal to their Max HP.

Deadly Venom resets if it kills any unit.


Osgood shifts over a distance toward the targeted direction. His next normal attack adds extra damage and will apply 2 stacks of Venom, reducing the target’s movement speed by 40%, decaying over two seconds.

Hydra Frenzy

Osgood increases his Max Stacks of Max Scientist by 5-20. After activating, Osgood unleashes the Hydra and enters a Frenzy State for 5 seconds.

During this period, the player can tap and hold the button again to aim and attack a target area. Each bombardment deals damage and applies a stack of poison. Bombarding attack speed increases with Osgood’s attack speed.

Casting Deadly Venom during Hydra Frenzy ends the Frenzy State.

Awakened: Each bombardment leaves poison at the bombarding point for one second.

Osgood: Tips & Tricks

As a ranged ADC hero, Osgood requires a few items under his belt to truly start helping his teams. While he is weak early, he will become unstoppable as the game goes on longer and will be better able to provide his team with sustained damage that can win team fights.

In the early game, Osgood needs to farm up and avoid dying, especially to the enemy team’s ADC or to their assassin/jungler. Play safely and position wisely so that you are able to farm creep waves and acquire gold easily, allowing you to obtain items. If you die too frequently, you’ll be missing valuable waves of minions and the gold that comes with them — setting yourself and your team behind dramatically.

In the laning phase, Osgood can use his ranged normal attacks to poke and harass enemies with poison damage, while also stacking up his Mad Scientist passive. The amount of venom stacks he can get on a single target also help him determine when is a good time to risk his position for a secured kill. Try to gain maximum stacks when committing to an engagement and then activate Deadly Venom to add some burst damage to your attacks.

Osgood can use Snakesuit to reposition and keep himself safe. The enhancement it gives his normal attacks is valuable; Osgood can use Snakesuit to shift away, apply double stacks of Venom and slow his enemy, enabling him to get off some nice damage and deter enemies from chasing him.

In team fights, Osgood is expected to stay in the back lines, as safe as possible, using his normal attacks to stack Venom on the enemies closest to him. By stacking Venom and Mad Scientist stacks, Osgood can become an unstoppable menace, but doing this requires proper positioning and avoiding death so as to avoid losing Mad Scientist stacks.

Hydra Frenzy, Osgood’s ultimate ability, can be used in duels and team fights to give Osgood an edge with his poison damage. Aim Hydra Frenzy to damage enemies and stack poison on them. Osgood can then cancel Hydra Frenzy early if desired by casting Deadly Venom, consuming the stacks.

In team fights, try to use Hydra Frenzy to quickly gain maximum stacks on a variety of enemies and then use Deadly Venom to consume those stacks. By consuming maximum stacks, Osgood’s Deadly Venom gains powerful Max HP damage, making it worthwhile to wait and try to reach maximum stacks when reasonably possible.

When fully maxed out, Osgood’s Mad Scientist passive enables him to pump out high amounts of damage very quickly thanks to the attack speed steroid being paired with Deadly Venom to deal poison damage that scales with enemy health.

As Osgood, do your best to survive the early parts of the game so that you can lead your team to victory in the later stages. Work with your teammates to group up for your protection, staying in the back lines and melting through the enemy defenses. Use this powerful sustained damage Osgood offers to win team fights and secure objectives, all the way to the enemy base!


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