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Extraordinary Ones: Alpha White Hero Guide

Alpha White is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in using mobility and damage to eliminate high priority targets. She can mark targets, dash around the battlefield and execute low health targets.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Alpha White below, and see how strong she and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Alpha White Abilities

Alpha White: Tips & Tricks

Alpha White brings a lot of damage and mobility to her team, making her perfect as a jungle assassin. She can stay in the jungle farming camps and keeping an eye on the map for prime opportunities to gank lanes and secure kills for her team when enemies overextend or find themselves out of position.

During the early game, Alpha White can take jungle camps and keep an eye on the mini map. Path through the jungle towards lanes that need help — ones where enemies have pushed into the tower. Ganking these lanes can help alleviate pressure for your allies and might even secure a kill in the process. Enemies that push up the lane will have limited escape options, making securing the kills even easier.

As the jungler, it’s Alpha White’s job to control the map and its neutral objectives efficiently. Seek out opportunities to help allies push into towers and make progress. Prioritize and path towards lanes where the Toad will be spawning. Gaining priority and securing the toad will bring immense pressure to enemy lanes, allowing Alpha White and her allies to easily capitalize, forcing enemies to act defensively or risk losing their towers.

As an assassin, team fighting will be harder for Alpha White. Grouped up enemy teams will have more crowd control and burst damage at their disposal; Alpha White thrives in seeking out lone enemies and bursting them down efficiently. When fighting with your team, try to bait out enemy crowd control abilities and go in when you know you can safely secure a kill and get out.

Prioritize enemy carry champions that will be pumping out damage in team fights. The enemy ADC and AP heroes are all high priority targets for Alpha White to eliminate.

While she may not be the best at fighting with her team, Alpha White can use this to her team’s advantage, split pushing objectives on opposite ends of the map and forcing the enemy team to choose whether to stop her or the rest of her allies. Her mobility can allow her to escape unscathed should enemies choose to come and stop her, while also relieving pressure on her allies across the map.

While assassins tend to thrive early in the game when enemy carries are at their weakest, Alpha White does gain a powerful boost to her ultimate ability when it becomes Awakened, giving her sidekicks powerful execute damage that can be used to swiftly eliminate low health, especially glass cannon, targets. This makes Alpha White an even stronger split pusher and duelist as the game draws on, helping her maintain relevancy even when she’s past her peak effectiveness.

Laido Slash should be used to apply Sword Spirit to the enemy Alpha White is engaging upon. Try to charge it for at least a second to gain a damage boost.

Use Sword Shadow to help Alpha White stick to her target. Her superior mobility allows her to catch up and stay on enemies that she is seeking out — especially low mobility carry heroes (ideally the ADC and mid-laner.) 

Triple Graduation, Alpha White’s ultimate ability, gives her even more damage at her disposal. Use this to apply burst damage to an enemy after marking them with Sword Spirit. When awakened, the sidekicks’ execute damage will allow Alpha White to successfully secure picks with even more ease.

Utilize Alpha White’s various damage and mobility skills to help your team secure kills and objectives. Always seek out high priority and low mobility targets, removing them from team fights and allowing your team to push objectives with less fear of being damaged from enemy carries. Choose engages carefully and wisely; while Alpha White deals a lot of damage, she is susceptible to crowd control and can be burst down quickly. Utilize her mobility to dodge skill shots and bait out enemy crowd control.

Try to always know the position of the enemy jungler, aide allies and pressure the map in key locations. Communicate your plans with allies, especially when coming to gank or planning to split push. Lastly, remember jungle objectives like Toad and Big Meow and use these to continue to pressure the map, continuously forcing enemies to play defensively and allowing your team to snowball to victory.


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