Jupiter Guide

Extraordinary Ones: Jupiter Hero Guide

Jupiter is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in AP damage and poke. He has a mix of burst, spell damage, and crowd control in his kit, making him a diverse hero across a variety of skill levels.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Jupiter below, and see how strong Jupiter and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Jupiter Abilities

Jupiter: Tips & Tricks

Jupiter specializes in poking enemies down and catching low health enemies from across the map with his Judgement ultimate. His diverse kit allows him to be played well through a variety of skill levels, allowing beginner players to have an easily accessible mage that can still pump out powerful Spell Damage and utility for his team.

As an AP hero, Jupiter can maintain the middle lane of the map, dueling his lane opponent and roaming to side lanes when possible to help his allies. Because of his position in the middle lane and his relatively low mobility, Jupiter can be ganked or ambushed by enemies easily. When roaming, it’s important to know where the enemies are and not be caught out in the jungle.

Pushing the lane of creeps into the turret can also put Jupiter out of position and give him few ways to escape. Try to track the enemy jungler and keep tabs on both your lane opponent and the rest of the enemy team when going for tower damage to avoid dying unnecessarily.

Jupiter’s Thunderfall ability gives him nice zone control and poke in the laning phase. Use it to harass enemies and keep them away from valuable experience and gold. 

Homing Bolt gives Jupiter power in team fights once towers begin to go down and teams are grouping up to try and siege objectives. The bouncing balls can chain stun, allowing Jupiter and his allies to follow up with even more burst and sustained damage.

Using Homing Bolt before casting Judgement can be a good way to secure kills and lessen the chances of enemies using their mobility skills to dodge the thunder clouds. With over a second to get out of the radius, Jupiter’s ultimate ability is fairly easy to dodge for most heroes, but it does excel at delivering high burst damage, perfect when enemies are grouped up, essentially giving enemies fewer spots they can run to avoid the damage.

Keep an eye on fights breaking out around the map, and don’t be afraid to assist your allies in securing kills with Jupiter’s global Judgement ability. If it looks like an enemy has gotten away and is about to recall to base, Jupiter’s ultimate ability can be just what was needed to finish them off!


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