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Extraordinary Ones: Cassie Hero Guide

Cassie is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in supporting and buffing allies. As a ghost, she can regenerate her health while possessing and shielding her teammates.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Cassie below, and see how strong she and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Cassie Abilities

Cassie: Tips & Tricks

As a support hero, Cassie offers her team valuable buffs, shields and health regeneration. Her abilities also allow her to peel for allies, slowing and knocking back enemies in the midst of fights. Her mix of crowd control and buffs can help sway the tide of a team fight to Cassie and her allies’ favor.

While Cassie does regenerate health every second, she’s far from being as durable as a tank. She offers high quality support skills with reasonable damage, at the expense of her own survivability. This is because of her ultimate, Ghost Possession, allowing her to possess an ally, essentially making herself untargetable for enemies. This allows Cassie to use her ultimate proactively or defensively; it can be used to save her life or that of an ally that needs her shield and health regeneration.

Cassie has short range that is somewhat better than a melee hero but not as far as a mage or marksman. She needs to be right beside her allies at all times and can use Ghost Possession to escape if need be. Because she can use her skills while possessing an ally, Cassie needs to choose wisely who she’ll support in fights.

Her added regeneration and shields, along with Ghost Mist’s crowd control can give the team’s tank some added survivability and knockback when they choose to engage, making it harder for enemies to lock the tank down and defeat them. While she engages with her tank, Cassie can use her Nether Fire to damage enemies safely while possessing the tank who can get her in range.

Cassie can also peel for less durable allies by using her Possession more defensively, letting her allies benefit from the shield  and nullifying it before they are hit by burst damage. Don’t underestimate Cassie’s power to help someone escape, shielding them and slowing the enemies pursuing them. She could end up being the only reason the AD Carry manages to get away when they inevitably decide they can 1v5 and realize a little too late it’s not as easy as they think!

As a support, Cassie lacks high damage or kill pressure, but her protective qualities can help her allies succeed. Getting the most out of Cassie’s kit, however, requires good observational skills as well as map and awareness of allies.

Try to communicate effectively with your allies and plan engagements that allow you and the team to benefit from Cassie’s crowd control and the safety she has while possessing. Keep an eye on how allies across the map are performing from the early game, and try to support the ones who have the most potential to win the game by securing objectives and kills.

Because of her limited survivability outside of her ultimate, Cassie would be relatively useless to her team if choosing to stick with and support an ally who is also underperforming. Once they die, even with her possessing them, she’ll be targetable once more and likely die with them, giving the enemy team two kills for one.

Cassie is a hero that helps her team win more, meaning she may struggle to find success when playing from behind. That’s why it’s important when playing her to identify strong allies who are performing well and succeeding and helping them do even better. While supporting your team, work with them, communicate effectively, and track enemies for your team. Be the shot-caller who rallies your allies, heals and shields them in a pinch, and guide them into securing objectives, taking the enemy base with ease!


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