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Extraordinary Ones: Kui Hero Guide

Kui is a hero in the Extraordinary Ones MOBA that specializes in AP damage and poke. He utilizes ghosts that he captures to give him an adaptable skillset that he can control, choosing the right ghosts for the right situation. Kui is a highly diverse hero that offers skill expression to the player as well as a mix of damage and utility to his team.

Check out tips and tricks for mastering Kui below, and see how strong he and the rest of the roster are in the Winter Exams (12/2019-03/2020) tier list.

Kui Abilities

Kui: Tips & Tricks

Kui is a hero that requires some beforehand knowledge to really get the most out of, and he also needs game-sense and map awareness to get the most out of his abilities to outplay his opponents. Don’t be afraid to practice with him in the 1v1 AI Practice Range beforehand to get a feel for when to use his Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Ghosts as well as their ranges.

Because each color ghost has a unique cooldown, Kui is capable of outputting very high burst damage if he cycles through each of the ghosts in rapid succession. You can keep this in mind when planning engages on enemies and choosing which ghosts to pick up. 

Kui’s skill interface is designed to make it easier for the player to keep track of the ghosts they’ve accumulated. Ghosts prioritize ability slot one, then two. If both slots are full, ghosts go in a queue that is visible around Kui’s ultimate ability marker. Keep an eye on this to know what color ghost you will have on-deck.

During the laning phase, the Red Ghost can be used to poke enemies with its wide radius and good range. Blue and Yellow ghosts are great for controlling enemies briefly, helpful for setting up ganks for your jungler and denying enemies from escaping. 

Because of Kui’s low mobility and high damage output, the Green Ghost is a nice tool at his disposal to help him keep assassins and other enemies away from him. When roaming to other lanes or when likely to be focused by a mobile assassin in a team fight, try to always prepare a Green Ghost at your disposal so that if anyone gets too close, you can easily push them away and make your escape. Following the Green Ghost up with a Blue Ghost can further control enemies and prevent them from getting closer to you.

While the Green Ghost can be Kui’s saving grace, it also lacks high damage or teamfight utility in comparison to his other ghosts. Knowledge of what is happening on the map and when you are about to be pressured or jumped on is key to utilizing the Green Ghost properly and avoiding having it waste a permanent slot in one of your abilities. When in doubt though, don’t be afraid to keep it on hand and cycle through your ghosts with your other ability slot.

In team fights, Kui can be an absolute monster thanks to both his various ghosts and his ultimate ability, Night Raid. Try to have multiple different ghosts accumulated for team fights, and enjoy tossing them out into the fight, damaging and controlling enemies in a rapid frenzy for your team.

Night Raid is a great ultimate ability thanks to its flexibility to be used both offensively and defensively. It boosts Kui’s damage output and defenses, making it possible for him to outplay multiple enemies at once on his own when paired with his ghosts. The Awakened version will heal Kui as well, giving him some much needed sustain, especially in tense team fights or if he is getting ganged up on by multiple enemies and doesn’t have a Green Ghost to push them off.

When playing Kui, try to have foresight into what both your team and the enemy team will be doing and prepare your ghosts accordingly. As a mid-lane mage, Kui controls and protects a large part of the map with his lane. He also has the quickest access to other lanes, perfect for ganking with the jungler. Remember to have a Green Ghost on hand when roaming solo, or roam with your jungler to find out of position enemies and force fights that lead to secured objectives with Kui’s high burst damage.


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